mercredi 22 mai 2013

Hello everyone !

Welcome here, hope you'll enjoy take part to this exciting adventure which is an exotic performer life !!

My name is Wanda De Lullabies,
I grow up  in Grenoble in the french Alpes & start burlesque three years ago in a 1960's shaking party called "Beat n' burlesque", i was definitely in my area !
At this time i met my comperse Mrs. Rose, creating together BBB collectif since 2010 and start organise intimate concerts mixing blues, rockabilly band and burlesque.

In this adventure, travelling a little bit in beautiful festivals, venues in France and Europe (Germany, UK...), i have met fantastic boys and girls, different great artists who became true friends !!

I will share with you all my inspiration (in a rubbish english sometimes!) a universe about space & exotica world,  B-movies, audacious silhouettes of Russ Meyer ones, tiki, monsters, and something about glamourous and not so glamourous things this experience give you to dream...and to live with!

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