lundi 22 juillet 2013

"A piece of cake!"

Shooting preview with "Artkane Asylum artwork"
Few months ago, in the cold winter we had so much fun doing this shooting !! Stress less and homemade with my man !!! A kind of this...

More to come soon!

mercredi 22 mai 2013

Hello everyone !

Welcome here, hope you'll enjoy take part to this exciting adventure which is an exotic performer life !!

My name is Wanda De Lullabies,
I grow up  in Grenoble in the french Alpes & start burlesque three years ago in a 1960's shaking party called "Beat n' burlesque", i was definitely in my area !
At this time i met my comperse Mrs. Rose, creating together BBB collectif since 2010 and start organise intimate concerts mixing blues, rockabilly band and burlesque.

In this adventure, travelling a little bit in beautiful festivals, venues in France and Europe (Germany, UK...), i have met fantastic boys and girls, different great artists who became true friends !!

I will share with you all my inspiration (in a rubbish english sometimes!) a universe about space & exotica world,  B-movies, audacious silhouettes of Russ Meyer ones, tiki, monsters, and something about glamourous and not so glamourous things this experience give you to dream...and to live with!